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How we Build an Email Campaign – Automation


Step by Step: How we build an Email Campaign

Want to know how we create email campaigns/automations?

Here we will tell you all the steps we take in order to deliver the best email campaigns!

  • We create a Customer Journey Map (CJM): after meeting with our clients and gathering information about their company, we create a CJM to map the customer's experience across the buying cycle.
  • Content for the CJM is created by our copywriter: once the CJM is completed, our content expert will create the text that the emails of the flow will have, based on a deep analysis of the client's audience and its characteristics.
  • We create the email design: our graphic designers create the designs based on the look and feel of our brand.
  • The automation is built inside the Customer Relationship Management (CRM): our automation experts will go into the CRM and build the automation according to the CJM, the content, and the design.

Once these steps are completed, and the tests are sent the email campaign/automation is ready to go live!

We hope you have found this explanation helpful.


How we Build an Email Campaign - Automation


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