Course and Membership Quiz

What Kind of Course and/or Membership Creator Are You?

Course and Membership Quiz

I'd love to find out about your Searchie Hubs journey.


Take the Course and Membership Quiz and discover what your course & membership creator style is. You'll be pleasantly surprised!

Discover what your course & membership creator style is…

Are you … ?



Educators teach their audience information on specific topics. Educators give away free helpful information which builds trust and loyalty with their followers. They …



An artist is a talented individual that creates pieces of art/music/sings/dances/etc. which they sell to make a profit. This could be in the form of …



A freelancer is knowledgeable or talented in a very specific creative field. They make a living by selling their services to their clients. Some examples …



A coach uses their knowledge, skills, and experience to help their clients achieve improvement and growth in their businesses, relationships or personal lives, etc. This is usually done through …

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