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Q: What can Searchie help me with if I already have another platform for my course and membership?

A: I am SO glad that you asked!!!

Searchie has a powerful ‘search' function within the videos and playlists – AND, you can embed the videos into other platforms including websites, and get the closed caption, transcripts and search function!

Another HUGE benefit is w/ Searchie Videos is that the closed caption features help you stay compliant with ADA The Americans With Disabilities Act!

Q: What is a Searchie hub?

A: A Searchie Hub allows you to build a platform to host, sell, and share your digital content.

Hubs are ideal for building and selling digital products such as courses, membership sites, coaching programs, and much more.

Q: How does Searchie work?

A: Searchie allows my customers to search through individual videos or all the videos to find exactly what they are looking for.

Q: Does Searchie work with other platforms like Kajabi?

A: The easiest—and most powerful—thing to do is to install the Searchie widget into your LMS eLearning platform like Kajabi courses to create a search capability.

Just like that, your course got more user-friendly! Every single piece of video content you put into your LMS platform course is now searchable by keyword.

Q: What if I don't have a platform for my course or membership and I want to use Searchie?

A: Searchie can be your one-stop shop! With our easy-to-use embed code, you can put your videos and courses onto any website and/or simply build your members portal right in Searchie.

Plus, with the power of search inside of Searchie Videos, your members or customers will have an amazing experience finding exactly what they are looking for – fast!

Q: What if I need help getting started?

A: No problem! Either myself and/or the Searchie Help team here are happy to help you every step of the way.

Simply join the community or better yet join the membership and we'll be glad to assist you. 🙂

Q: What is the Benefit of signing up for Searchie using your link?

A. When you use my link you'll receive access to my Searchie Support Academy for 2 full months – the Academy is a high-touch membership with a community and weekly ZOOM sessions to help you with your questions and unravel anything that has you stumped. Plus, you'll benefit from marketing and CRM strategies plus guidance with member retention & other strategies.Not only do you get access to my Searchie Support Academy, but you also receive a discount on any Searchie Support Academy, after the 2 months are up – this includes both monthly and annual plans!

And if you refer others using your unique link via my Affiliate Program, you'll earn a commission on any new referrals who sign up for any of my Searchie packages.

So not only do you get access to exclusive content and support, but you can also earn some extra income by sharing Searchie with your network. It's a win-win!

Ready to get started? Sign up now using my link and receive 2 free months of Searchie Support Academy access here!


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