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What are Searchie Folders and Playlists?

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What are Searchie Folders and Playlists?

This video (below) provides helpful tips and strategies for effectively organizing a Searchie media library and a hub content playlist.

Main Library (public folders & playlist) or Hub Content (private playlist)

The video introduces helpful tips such as creating a well-structured library, automating playlists, and renaming files. Additionally, it tells you how to use Searchie AI to identify video files, attach attachments to playlists, add URLs, and create a successful video platform. Finally, it recommends familiarizing oneself with the platform, being aware of the differences between a video, playlist, and page, and making use of external URL features.

Make sure that you Download the PDF!!!

Something to consider – public or private Playlist:

Which playlist do you pick? A recent Searchie change has brought up a few questions about one of its core features: playlists. You now have 2 choices, Hub (content) playlists or Library (main backend) playlists. I like to think of them as a “private” vs a “public”.

Private & Public Hub (content) Playlists are not meant to be shared outside of your paying members, aka private content. These playlists live within your Searchie Hub and could include attachments like PDFs.

Library (main backend) Playlists allow you to have the “share” option for those playlists – aka “public”, allowing you to embed the playlist anywhere or send a link to someone so they can watch the playlist. There are also privacy settings for these.

Example: If you have a Hub centered around teaching “Yoga” and you want to create a playlist of all of the live Q&A calls you to do with the members of that Hub, it makes sense to create a Hub playlist for that. Nobody outside of your “Yoga” group needs to see that playlist.

On the other hand, if you want to create a playlist that all of your members can tune into and watch at their own leisure, it could make more sense to opt for a Library (located in the main backend) playlist instead. This way, even though the content is living within a Searchie Hub, the “share” option allows you to embed or link out from anywhere so anyone can access it.

  1. It's important to understand the difference between these two types of playlists (Main Library or Hub Content) in order to utilize them most effectively.
  2. When deciding which one to go with for particular content, consider who needs access to that information and how much control you want over who sees it.
  3. If privacy is paramount then better stick with Hub playlists and forgo the sharing options of Library playlists.

Ultimately, it's up to you to decide which type of playlist best suits the content you are creating and how much control you want over who sees it. Weigh out the pros and cons for each one and consider what works best for your particular scenario.

The choice is yours! Good luck making the right decision for your Searchie playlists!

Happy Searching! 🙂


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